Direct assessment of strain
through coatings,
without bonding
to the surface

StressProbe is an electromagnetic method designed to measure strain in ferromagnetic metals, where when they come under load, there are minute changes in permeability in the direction of the strain, compared with that orthogonal to it. StressProbe was developed to detect and measure these subtle changes to provide a direct value of strain. Unlike conventional strain gauges, StressProbe does not require contact with the surface and can be used through non-metallic coatings up to a thickness of 5 mm (0.2 in). The main application for StressProbe is measuring dynamic strain, but also strain distribution under certain conditions.


  • Buried pipeline assessment deployed by in-line inspection tools
  • Dynamic load measurement: Mooring chains, offshore structures, bridges and masts
  • Mapping of strain distribution in civil engineering applications such as bridges and I-beam constructions
  • Structural monitoring of subsea structures