Sensu® Probes

Easy, Continuous
Scanning with
Pace® and Amigo2®

The functional design philosophy of Eddyfi Technologies extends to the innovative Sensu probes.

These pencil-style ACFM probes, designed for Pace® and Amigo2®, come with a straight nose or a right-angled nose. They help you perform easy, continuous scans in challenging tight-angle inspection areas. As intelligent probes, Sensu store configuration information and provide instant feedback of the scan status during use.

General Specifications


Compatible instruments

  • Pace
  • Amigo2


  • Surface-breaking defects
  • Through coating
  • Single-operator rope access
  • Cranes
  • Bridges
  • Welds


5 kHz (fixed)

Nose configurations

  • Straight
  • Right angle
  • Transverse