Best-in-Class Service Plans

TSC instruments are rugged and reliable because we take extraordinary measures to ensure that they will provide many years of dependable service.

Our service plans offer a variety of services to maintain your instruments in top working condition at a fixed budget.

Each service plan is associated to a specific instrument (unique serial number), which offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your investment is well protected, functional, and up-to-date.

Service plans are currently available for:


Hands-on training is the fastest way to become proficient on your TSC product. These are multi-day training sessions on-site or at our offices around the world.

Trainings are available for Pace and include:

  • Technology working principles and best practices
  • Hands-on exercises on instrument
  • Instrument specific tests
  • Training certificates

Calibration Services

We provide calibration services of the highest level of quality, performed by qualified and experienced staff, with best-in-class technical backgrounds and sophisticated systems for the service of TSC brand instruments.

Calibrating your Eddyfi instrument guarantees it's always in excellent working condition

Staff Qualifications

All tester calibrations are carried out by experts trained in electrical and electronics engineering, and who must meet the requirements of our qualification system. They continuously improve their skills and knowledge through regular workshops.

Technical Background

Our calibration laboratory is equipped with best-in-class, modern calibration equipment. We use special software and hardware to calibrate TSC instruments. We also conduct regular functional tests on the majority of our calibration devices, as required by our quality standards.

Calibration Reports

Complete reports are produced for each calibrated device indicating the complete list of tests performed on your instruments.